On my morning commute to the shop I enjoy listening to our local radio station WCAB 590 to start my morning off with what’s happening around Rutherford County.

As the 911 dispatch gives the report of emergency calls handled from the day before, there seems to always be calls for chimney fires in our community.

When I think of how dangerous a chimney fire is, and how preventable they are, it prompts me to do what I can to help prevent this type of danger. 100% of chimney fires are caused by neglected maintenance or repairs. That means with proper maintenance and repairs, 100% of all chimney fires can be prevented.

What I want to do is offer 50% off chimney cleaning and inspections through March. This offer is extended to Rutherford County, NC residents only. Charges vary depending on the type of cleaning required, but the average chimney cleaning runs about $160. SO, now through March we will clean and inspect your chimney for just $80.

We love our community and especially our people! I wish we could afford to offer this service for free but we are all in these trying times together. Let’s share in making this winter as safe as it can be for everyone. At 50% off we hope we can break even.

If your chimney is damaged or unsafe, we are qualified to make the needed repairs to bring it back into safe operation. If your chimney has suffered water, fire, or other damage, repair costs may be covered by your insurance at no cost to you. Have us come out and we will provide you a written estimate should your chimney need repairs.

Come by and talk with us about chimney safety at 126 W Court St Downtown Rutherfordton or call 828-305-9996 to schedule an appointment.


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