When draft problems cause stoves, inserts and fireplaces to release smoke in the home, the remedy is often to make the chimney taller. Extending a masonry chimney is very costly and matching old masonry work can be nearly impossible. Our extend-a-cap gets the job done at a fraction of the cost of masonry construction.

Even if the chimney is properly constructed and at the recommended height there can be draft issues. The formula for draft should be considered “recommended” as there are many variables that can require a chimney to need additional height to function properly.

Before making a purchase you can do a preliminary investigation to know if adding height to your chimney is going to remedy your draft problem.

For starters, ensure your draft problem isn’t wind related. If your are experiencing a wind related downdraft, extending the chimney may or may not cure your problem. We have special wind caps that may be a better choice. However, if your problem is draft, extending the chimney will likely cure the problem where a wind cap will not.

Two feet makes a big difference! Start by obtaining some inexpensive material that is about the same size as your flue and 2 feet long. This can be a piece of stovepipe or a flue tile. Temporarily sure it up on the flue in question. Start a fire and see if the draft problem improves or goes away. If so, congratulations! You’ve found the problem without much expense or trial and error. Now you can make a purchase of one of our extend-a-cap devices and your chimney will be working as it should.

Extend-a-cap fastens to the flue tile extending out of your chimney as a normal chimney cap would except it adds the much needed height that your chimney is lacking. We offer caps with a 1 foot extension and a 2 foot extension as well as a surface mount adapter in case your flue tile does not extend above the top of your chimney.

Select your extend-a-cap below to fit your flue tile. NOTE: Selections ending in “S” include the surface mount adapter to mount to chimney surface where a flue tile does not extend out the top of the chimney.



22″ (increases height by 1 foot)


34″ (increases height by 2 feet)